Scott Point Waterworks District provides potable water services to 61 properties located on Scott Point on Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Headline News

Sep 23/22 – Summer Comes to an End

As the season turns and the first hints of fall are felt, residents have asked about the state of Scott Point’s water supply. The District can confirm that well levels are good for this time of year and that summer demands were met without having to impose Watering Restrictions. This is largely due to the spring rain that continued into June and lower amounts of water used during processing. One thing of note is that the Reverse Osmosis treatment at Well 1 was offline for a couple of weeks in August to replace the membranes which had become fouled with naturally occurring manganese. The District continues to investigate inefficiencies in pre-treatment. Otherwise, several residents have commented on lesser amounts of limescale on glass surfaces and overall better water (however that is determined) which confirms that having some of the very hard water from Well 4 reprocessed in the RO is working.

Apr 29/22 – Peter Reiner elected as Trustee at 2022 Annual General Meeting

The 2022 AGM was held on April 27. Trustees discussed the state of the water system, presented the Financial Statements for 2021 and Budget for 2022, and emphasized the importance of rainwater capture for residents who want to garden. Peter Reiner was elected by acclamation for a 3 year term. Documents for the meeting are HERE

Mar 14/22 – Trustees Approve 2022 Parcel Tax and Water Toll Increase

Subject to approval by the Province, Trustees have set the 2022 parcel tax of $550 per parcel. Bills will be sent to residents and owners in May.

Water tolls will rise 4.8% effective 1 May, 2022. The minimum bi-monthly bill will rise from $146.00 to $153.00.

Mar 4/22 – 2022 Annual General Meeting set for April 27, 2022

Notice has been given that the Annual General Meeting of the Scott Point Waterworks District will be held at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. There will be an election for 1 trustee position. Any residents meeting the requirements are invited to contact the trustees about standing for election.

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Mar 2/22 – NOTICE TO RESIDENTS – Annual Water Main Flushing

As part of our water quality framework, the Water Main is flushed every spring to remove deposits.

Flushing of the Water Main will commence on Friday, March 4, 2022 on the south section, and resume the following week on the north section.

North Salt Spring Waterworks will be on site and using the fire hydrants to conduct flushing. Residents might experience short periods of low pressure and minor discolouration of the water.

If discolouration is noticed, please run your cold-water tap until the water runs clear.

Sep 17/21 – Watering Restrictions Lifted

Recent rainfall, decreasing daily consumption, and improvements in well water treatment have allowed some recovery of well levels. The watering restrictions which were put in place on July 11, 2021 are lifted as of today.

The trustees are pleased to note that the watering restrictions had an immediate impact on consumption and residents reduced their water usage by an average of 20%, and allowed the District’s scarce water resources to survive the extended 2021 drought.

Residents are reminded that water remains a scarce quantity on Scott Point and residents should make every drop count. And the rainfall is a good reminder that now is a very good time to install rainwater capture tanks to be ready for gardening in 2022.

Aug 10/21 – AGM Report

The 2021 Annual General Meeting was held on August 3, 2021 with 3 trustees and 4 residents attending. The Chair presented the 2020 Water Quality Report along with a 6 month of 2021 report on water quality and other matters, including the need for ongoing watering restrictions now and possibly during summers to come, the replacement the RO membranes to improve well treatment performance, concern on a trend toward increases in water consumption, and a discussion on fire risk mitigation.

The Financial Officer presented the 2020 Financial Statements and provided an update on 2021 budget performance. McLean, Lizotte, Wheadon were approved as the auditors for 2021, and it was confirmed that Richard Ballantyne was elected by acclamation as trustee for 3 year term ending in 2024.

Documents are Available Here

July 11/21 – Watering Restrictions Put In Place

Scott Point has had a fraction of the usual rainfall so far in 2021 and well are at very low levels. The Trustees request that residents take steps to further reduce their water consumption.

It is also necessary to put in place the following water use restrictions until further notice:

  1. No washing of driveways, patios, structures or boats from hose or pressure washer.
  2. No filling of pools, hot tubs, fountains.
  3. No use of lawn or garden sprinklers
  4. Please restrict garden watering to hand watering or drip irrigation for a maximum of 1 hour between the hours of 7:00 pm and 08:00 am. Watering should be limited to 3 days per week.

These restrictions do not apply to use of captured rainwater, or supply from individual wells. There shall be no filling of storage tanks from the District supply.

More restrictions on the use of District water for gardening may required if summer rainfall remains low and consumption does not reduce adequately to protect the aquifers.

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The CRD, Ministry of Municipal Affair and North Salt Spring Waterworks District commissioned a study to look at how improvement districts on Salt Spring were governed and investigate alternative arrangements that might allow access to federal and provincial infrastructure grants. The study’s report has now been made public and is available at https://www.crd.bc.ca/project/salt-spring-island-water-optimization.  The trustees are currently evaluating the report’s conclusions and will update ratepayers on possible implications for the District after the next trustee meeting.

Please note that the Annual General Meeting has been postponed until Provincial Health Orders allow such gatherings. In the interim, the trustees welcome any questions or comments by email to trustee@scottpointwaterworks.com.


CLICK HERE for the latest Newsletter for residents and owners.


The trustees have approved first reading of revisions to Bylaw 88, Water Distribution Regulations. The proposed changes add protections for the District from landowner works on the water main right-of-way and make other changes to improve consistency in terms and make it gender neutral. The proposed revisions are included as Draft ByLaw 117 . Trustees are happy to receive comments at trusteeatscottpointwaterworks.com


The District flagged a number of trees between 32o and 440 Scott Point Drive. After a couple of water main leaks caused by tree roots, the trustees are in the process of counting trees growing above the water main and identifying the extent of any problems. No work is planned at this time.