Emergency Contact:

North Salt Spring Waterworks

Office Hours – Phone: (250) 537-9902

24 Hour Emergency – Pager: (888) 777-4054

761 Upper Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1S1

Trustees Email:

Routine Correspondence and Inquiries: 

Scott Point Waterworks District, 377 Scott Point Drive, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2R2


Email: or call Jean Eastman at (250) 537-8800.


  • Richard Ballantyne, Chair  (250) 537-6671
  • Tim Slaney (778) 353-2010
  • Nigel Smyrl (250) 931-1995

New Residents to Scott Point:

Upon purchase of a property on Scott Point, new residents must complete a New Resident Letter and send to the Billing Contact (above) and include a $50 account set-up fee.


To provide efficient service with a focus on continuous improvement, Scott Point Waterworks District has implemented a complaint and issue resolution process. All complaints are reviewed at the next Trustee meeting.

Complaints regarding the water system billing, maintenance, or water quality can be sent:

  • by email or phone to the Trustees,
  • by letter to the District at the above address,

If you would like, please click on the link to download a Complaint Form

Unresolved concerns about water quality can also be referred to:

  • Vancouver Island Health Authority – Environmental Health Office at 2170 Mt. Newton X-Road, Victoria BC V8T 4E2;  Phone: (250) 519-3401