Enterprise Risk

Using previous work on enterprise risk, the trustees have prepared a Strategic Plan which outlines future actions and infrastructure investments required to control risks. A first draft of this plan was approved in May, 2020 to start consultation with ratepayers and residents. This draft is available here prior to a more formal introduction at the 2020 Annual General Meeting

Strategic Plan – draft 2020

One of the main preliminary elements to the Strategic Plan was an enterprise risk overview for the Scott Point Waterworks District  completed in 2017, using a framework put together by the B.C. Water and Waste Association. This assessment was refined after a workshop held with a number of residents who had previously served as District trustees.


Using this overall risk overview, a physical risk assessment for Scott Point Waterworks District was prepared and is available here.

SPWD Physical Risk Assessment Summary

SPWD Physical Risk Assessment Heat Map

The outcome of these assessments were revisions to the District’s Emergency Response Plan and the 10-year Financial Plan which includes future operating and capital financial requirements. Both of these documents are available on this website under the Governance tab.