Preserve Water Quality

What can you do to preserve the quality of your drinking water:

  • Clean up after your pets. Contaminants from pet poop can get into the aquifer.
  • Do not feed the deer. Scott Point deer are known to carry cryptosporidium, a nasty parasite. Feeding the deer encourages them to congregate and improve opportunities for their feces to contaminate the aquifer.
  • Do not allow contamination of ground by paints, oils, gasoline, or chemicals
    • Take left over supplies to recycling depot.
  • Keep your septic system healthy
    • Pump out your septic tank a minimum of every four years
    • Have the septic tank thoroughly inspected at each pump-out
    • Do not put strong cleaners or chemicals down the drain.
    • Use only low phosphate soaps and detergents
    • Do not dispose of old pharmaceuticals down the drain
  • Eliminate or limit the amount of pesticide and fertilizer (natural or chemical) applied to gardens
  • Drain your meter box. If necessary install a pipe from meter box to open area lower than the meter box.
  • Replace your rusty shut-off valve at the street with a stainless steel valve.

For more Information

CRD – How to Care for your Residential Septic System