Testing and Reporting

Reporting to Residents

Monthly Testing: The Annual Water Quality Testing Plan specifies monthly testing for bacteria: total coliform, fecal coliform, non-fecal coliform and e.coli. In odd number months, samples are taken from hydrant near 466 Scott Point Drive. In even numbered months, samples are taken from the standpipe at 107 Marina Crescent. Each quarter and after the first heavy rainfall in fall, samples are taken from raw and treated water at each well.

The latest bacteria testing results are available here at 2021 Summary Bacteria Testing

Quarterly Reporting: One of the issues that the District has been dealing with is the presence of try-halomethanes in drinking water. THM are a disinfectant by-product formed by reactions of naturally occurring materials with chlorine used for disinfection and samples are tested every quarter.

Maximum Allowable Concentration: 100 micrograms/Litre

April 2021 result: 4.8 ug/L

12-month rolling average: 62.3 ug/L

Annual Reporting: The trustees report on the state of water quality in the annual Water Quality Report which is presented at the AGM each year. Please Click on the report of interest to download.

Water Quality Report 2020 – dated Mar 2021

Water Quality Report 2019 – dated Apr 2020

Water Quality Report 2018 – dated Apr 2019

Vancouver Island Health Authority Inspection Reports

Click Here for VIHA Website for Scott Point reports then Click on Water System Inspections/Salt Spring Island/Scott Point

Lab Testing Reports

The District follow an annual Water Quality Testing Plan. In accordance with that plan, the water from each well is tested annually for the presence of metals and other chemicals.

Metals Scan August 2020

Metals Scan and TDS August 2019

Metals Scan and TDS September 2018

Consultant’s Report

Please click below to read the July, 2015 report from MSR Solutions on the Scott Point water system and improving water quality issues. The trustees are working with Mike Seymour to develop a comprehensive action plan to follow up on the recommendations.

MSR Report-Scott Point Final