Conservation Tips

Lowering water usage helps lower your water bill, helps conserve our precious water supplies and helps the environment.

Key strategies for reducing water usage:

  • Fix all leaks.
    • Dripping taps can waste as much as 60 gallons a day!
    • A running toilet can leak much more
  • Install low-flush toilets. Flush less often, especially for No.1
  • Run only full loads in dishwashers and laundry washers.
  • Do not let taps run free
    • Use tubs or basins to wash dishes and vegetables
    • Shut tap off while brushing teeth, shaving, or washing hands
  • Shower less ofter and keep them short. Use low-flow shower heads. If bathing, try 1/4 tub only
  • Collect shower water in a bucket for use in the garden
  • Install a rain-barrel or a rainwater harvesting system for garden and outside uses
  • Inform guests from the mainland of our limited water supplies – most have no clue!
  • No sprinkling in the summer, water by hand. Better yet, use only your Rainwater Capture
  • Turn automated drip watering systems off when it rains, or required to by Watering Restrictions
  • Use smart landscaping – avoid lawns, use drought tolerant plants, put mulch on planters to retain water
  • Let lawns go “golden” in the summer

Avoid covering your property with hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete. Use of gravel, or ground cover allows water to seep into the ground, water your plants, and reach the aquifer instead of running off to the ocean.


Regularly check your water line, garden systems, house piping and toilets for leaks. A good check is to read your meter before you go to bed. Read again in the morning before you flush the toilet and compare results.

More Resources for Water Conservation

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