How & Where to Pay


The preferred payment method is by Email via Interac E-Transfer to No Security Question is required.

Don’t know how to make an Interac E-Transfer? CLICK HERE


Cheques payable to Scott Point Waterworks District.   MAIL TO: 377 Scott Point Drive, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2R2, or DROP OFF: SPWD Mailbox at 177 Scott Point Drive.

Annual Parcel Tax Amount 

Each property on Scott Point is assessed an annual parcel tax, regardless of whether the property is connected to the District water system or not.

Bylaw 118 sets the 2021 parcel tax at $500.00. Parcel taxes statements are mailed in May of each year and due by July 1.

A penalty of 5% on any taxes remaining outstanding on July 2 shall be levied and a further penalty of 5% shall be levied on any taxes remaining outstanding on October 31. Any taxes and/or penalties outstanding on December 31 shall be declared deliquent.

Bi-Monthly Water Usage Tolls

Each property connected to the District water system is billed for water usage. In accordance with Bylaw 119, new water tolls effective March 1, 2021 are:.

Water Usage is billed for a 2 month period (all charges are per Imperial gallon)

Rates effective March 1, 2021

Base: up to 5000 imperial gallons – $29.19 per thousand gallons (minimum charge of $146.00 per 2 month period)

Excess 1: 5001 – 10000 imperial gallons – $63.00 per thousand gallons

Excess 2: Over 10000 imperial gallons – $1000.00 per thousand gallons

NOTE: Notwithstanding the Excess 2 toll, By-law 88, section 20 will be applied for consumption in excess of 10,000 gallons in a given billing period if in the Trustee’s opinion the water supply is at risk. This includes actions up to and including, with 24 hours notice, discontinuing the supply of water.

Overdue water toll accounts are subject to a late payment surcharge on amounts outstanding after the due date of 10%.

New Account Set-Up

A one-time administrative fee of $50.00 fee applies to the set-up of a new accounts after the purchase of a Scott Point property. A cheque, along with the New Resident Letter form should be mailed to SPWD.

Leak Allowance

There is a provision in the Water Usage bylaw which covers excess water consumed due to a sudden and accidental failure of equipment at a residence (and not as a result of negligence). With the filing of a Leak Allowance Form and approval of the Trustees, a bill may be adjusted to the lower of: actual consumption at the current rate, or three times the highest bill in past 12 months.

Leak Allowance FORM

Capital Levies

From time to time, the Trustees may authorize the assessment of special levies for each parcel to pay for extraordinary capital works. A special levy was assessed in September 2010 for the replacement of the water storage tank. There are no special levies contemplated at the present time.