Water Facilities

The District’s Facilities consist of three wells, three water treatment plants, a 56,000 imperial gallon Reservoir Tank, and a 4 inch diameter AC Transite water main that connects to each premises’ service connection.

Owner’s Facilities

DIGGING A HOLE? The water main and all meters are located on MOTI road allowance between the edge of the road surface and owners’ property lines. Prior to digging any holes or disturbing the ground surface, property owners MUST CONTACT B.C. One Call at https://www.bc1c.ca/homeowner/ or call 1-800-474-6886

A common problem for homeowners are leaks from the service connection connecting the District’s meter to the premises. The shut-off valve and water line to the house are owned by and the responsibility of the homeowner. But the age and original design have caused many leaks over recent years.

Common problems are corrosion of the Shut-off Valve and handle making it in operable, weak choice of piping connecting to the house, and the materials used to connect the piping to the shut-off valve. Homeowners should regularly check their meter (when no appliances are running) and see if water continues to be registered. And review their bi-monthly consumption (indicated on the invoice) to look for unexplained increases.

Click Below for a Drawing of the District’s approved Water Service Connection.

NOTE: If residents are going to be absent for more than 3 days, they are Required to close their Shut-off Valve at the street.

District’s Facilities

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Description of Water Main, Reservoir Tower, Main valves, fire hydrants, 3 wells and pump-houses

Treatment plants – filters, pumps, RO, chemical injection, controls

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