Financial Statements & Budget

Financial Statements

The annual audited financial statements are approved by the Board of Trustees and reviewed with ratepayers at the Annual General Meeting. The most recent financial statements are available for viewing by Clicking on the link below:

Dec 31, 2022 Financial Statements

Dec 31, 2021 Financial Statements

Dec 31, 2020 Financial Statements

Dec 31, 2019 Financial Statements


The trustees approve an annual operating and capital budget to guide expenditure planning for the year and to determine appropriate levels of water tolls and parcel taxes.

Also reviewed annual is the 10-Year Plan, a multi-year look at risks, initiatives and anticipated expenditures to guide decisions on annual budgets, tolls, taxes and reserves.

The most current 10-Year Plan and the Budget for the upcoming year are available in the 10 YR Plan 2024-2033. The first year of the 10-year Plan is the currently approved budget.