Emergency Response

The District maintains an Emergency Response Plan to deal with situations that may impact the health of residents through problems with drinking water.

The full Emergency Response Plan is available here..


Contact North Salt Spring Waterworks (NSSWD) for ALL emergencies

Office:  250.537.9902          Supervisor: Grant Tamboline C:250-537-7297 H:250-537-9912

Emergency Pager: 888-777-4054   Operations Manager: Vaughn Figueira C:250-537-7222

If NSSWD is unable to respond, contact SPWD Trustee:

Rich Ballantyne 250-537-6671 

Nigel Smyrl 250-931-1995      Tim Slaney 250-537-6002

NOTE: Residents are not trained in safety procedures. DO NOT attempt electrical or plumbing repairs, handle chlorine, or enter a storage tank or confined space.

Contaminated Drinking Water

Report ALL instances of possible water contamination to Island Health Environmental Health Officer:

Chris Laughlin Ph: 250.519.3401 or Cell: 250.744.6073

Emergency: 1.800.204.6166

Situations that May Require Boil Water Advisory

Broken Water Main

Chlorination failure

Power failure greater than 24 hours

Backflow or siphonage into water system

Flooding at any Well Site


Break-in or Vandalism at Well or Plant

Fuel Spill from Vehicle

Boil Water Advisory

Issued in consultation with Trustees, VIHA Environmental Health Officer and NSSWD. Lifted only in agreement with VIHA and NSSWD

  • Telephone, email, and deliver advisory notice to each residence.
  • Water must be HELD at a rolling boil for a minimum of 2 minutes
  • When source of contamination is fixed, flush watermain to clear


  • Call 911
  • Shut off Line Valves
  • Turn off pumps, if it can be done safely

Loss of Source – Well damage

  • Shutdown affected Pumps to protect them, Close Line Valves at Well
  • Arrange alternate source of water

Line Damage or Earthquake

  • Isolate Storage Tank by closing Valve 1A or LV 12 (at Well 1) to preserve water until system checked for leaks
  • Shut down Pumps at all Wells
  • Selectively close Line Valves to identify location of any Leaks
  • Issue Boil Water Advisory, check for contamination, may need to flush main

Significant Leak at any Property

  • Close curb-stop valve at property line
  • If flow does not stop, selectively close Line Valves as required

Vandalism or Break-in at Well or Plant

  • Call Police
  • Contact NSSWD and Island Health for further guidance on actions to take

Extended Power Failure

  • Monitor Reservoir level which has 4-5 days of supply
  • Manually add chlorine to Reservoir as needed to maintain residual
  • Arrange for portable generator and connection by electrician for well pumps


  • Work with VIHA and NSSWD to determine when to implement Pandemic Plan
  • Restrict access to pump houses

Chemical or Fuel Spill

  • Ensure SSI Fire/Rescue deploys Hazmat protocols
  • Shut down impacted well(s) and main sections
  • Flush and test for contamination