Watering Restrictions

During summer months, with lower groundwater levels and increased population, it may become necessary to put Watering Restrictions in place. Increasing water stresses may require watering restrictions to become more strict.

The Trustees will declare the Watering Restriction Stage looking at conditions such as weekly static well height readings moving below 10 year averages, water consumption consistently exceeding normal levels, and NSSWD and Provincial water restriction/drought levels.

Permitted Dates are Even Dates for even-numbered residences, and Odd Dates for odd-numbered residences.

 Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4
Sprinklers4 hrs on Permitted Date2 hrs on Permitted DatesNot permittedNot permitted
Drip irrigation and Hand WateringAnytime7pm to 8 am on Permitted Dates for 4 hrs7 pm to 8 am on Permitted Dates for 2 hrs7 pm to 8 am on Permitted Dates for 1 hr
Washing of vehicles, boatsAnytimeAnytimeDiscouraged. Permitted Dates onlyNot permitted
Washing of driveways, decks, buildings AnytimePermitted Dates onlyNot permitted. For painting but only upon applicationNot permitted
Filling of hot tubs & garden featuresAnytimeAnytimeNot permittedNot permitted

NOTE: These restrictions do not apply to the use of captured rainwater, or supply from personal wells. There shall be no filling of storage tanks from the District supply.